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How to write a creative brief

Updated: May 25, 2020

Once you have a project or idea, someone has to plan its implementation and, as a next step, complete the tasks. To delegate creative work to your internal team or an agency, you'll need a creative brief.

A creative brief is a well-structured document that explains the task at hand. That's it. At Khatia Communication, before we begin to work on a project, we request a creative brief. If clients don't have it, we help them create it. Let's examine here how to craft a creative brief.

First, even though each company can have its style, there are a few elements every creative brief must include. Second, the shorter and clearer your creative brief is, the more focused your team will be. So what do we need?


This part needs to explain the idea and task to your team.


What are the objectives of this project? Here you can list the outcomes you want to achieve.

Target audiences

One of the most critical elements is to understand who your target audience is. Who do we need to impress with our creation? Where are they located? How will you be reaching out to them? Describe demography and psychography here. The more we know about your target audience and their preferences, the more tailored the final product will be.


How do you want your target audience to feel when interacting with your brand? What's your brand personality? Tone? Mood?

About the company

The team will need to know more about the company, its products and services. What's your unique sales proposition? Why would your clients choose you over your competition? What are your values and mission statement? Remember that less is more. In his book This I know, Terri O'Reilly explains the importance of the ability to describe your business in 30 seconds, so that a total stranger can understands you well. This 30-second elevator pitch is a test for your business idea.

Messaging and Call to Action (CTA)

What is it you want to communicate, and what is it you want your target audience to do? Make a purchase? Signup for an event? Narrow it down and be specific.


Here you can expand on when work needs to begin, when it has to be complete, and any milestones in between that are time-sensitive.


Who will evaluate the work and approve it? Are there departments involved or only one individual? Your team needs to know this.


And finally, what's your budget for the project?

As you can see, a creative brief is a well-planned assignment that will determine the outcomes of the project. You can follow these steps and create one yourself or delegate the work to our team. Good luck with your project!

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