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Yummy brand

Recently, we created three brands. Tous Les Jours was one of them. Our task was to create a brand tagline and brand Tous Les Jours, a new French-Georgian coffee shop chain.



We felt that the name of the company, Daily (Tous Les Jours) and Oh là là (wow) of Tastes would be a fantastic pair. Not only do they complete each other, but they also set a friendly, fun tone. The name and the tagline create a magical world that takes you to France, or in this case, brings France to Georgia.



Our inspiration was dream-like images of Paris, coffee art, Georgian Khachapuri, and French desserts.



Our logo is quite simple, yet you'll find raspberry and Georgian Khachapuri layers in it. It can also remind you of coffee art. We wanted the logo to be yummy, simple, and memorable. By looking at the pink logomark, you almost want to have a bite to taste the layered cake, while seeing the gold colour version of the logo, you'll smell coffee. We aimed to activate the taste and smell senses of viewers.



As the primary colours, we chose raspberry and coffee colours. Supporting colours are darker/lighter shades of the primary colour and a pastel blue.



Would you like us to give birth to your business idea and create a brand? Reach out to us! We are always happy to work on new branding projects.

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